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School Policies


  • Students should arrive at school between 8:15 and 8:30.  Please do not arrive before this time.
  • Traffic moves around the school in a clockwise direction so children are dropped off on the school side of the street.  White curbs are for loading and unloading only.  Do not leave cars unattended in these areas.  Please follow the current Traffic Plan in place.
  • All students should hang backpacks outside of classrooms and proceed to the playground.
  • Parents are not to be on the playground without visitor badges.
  • At 8:30, the bell tower will play The Star Spangled Banner.  All present on campus should honor the flag during this time.
  • Students proceed directly to lines on the playground at completion of the national anthem.
  • Obey all traffic signs.
  • No jaywalking. No skateboards. No scooters.  
  • Bike riders are to walk bikes once they are on school grounds.  Lock bikes and helmets to bike racks north of MPR.
  • This is not the time for parents to conference with teachers.  Make an appointment.



Students are dismissed at different times.  For this reason, the following procedures are in place:

  • The school does not provide after-school supervision of children.  This is a parent responsibility.
  • TK and Kindergarten students must be picked up by parents in front of the kindergarten classrooms. 
  • If you wait for a child with a later dismissal time, proceed to the upper lunch tables outside the MPR.  Children are to be seated with parents.  They may not be on the playground or running around the tables.  Students waiting for an Enrichment Program should wait here as well.
  • Parents of 1st - 5th grade students are not to wait outside of classrooms.  This creates a distraction for your student, other students, and the teacher.  This is not the time or place for a conference with the teacher.  Make an appointment.
  • You should remain in your car to pick up your 1st - 5th grade child at one of the pick-up/drop-off white curbs. 
  • 1st and 2nd grade students will be escorted to the front of the MPR or to the gate on Via Anacapa.
  • 3rd - 5th grade students may be picked up in front of the MPR or at the gate on Via Alvarado.
  • Students in 3rd - 5th grades may walk home.  Review the route and expected behavior with your students.



Lunada Bay is definitely a “parent-participation” school!  Parents are critical to the success of our school and its programs.  And yet…there are no required hours!  You can volunteer at school, in classrooms, in the library, at Art at Your Fingertips, on field trips, in PTA, and for special events.  Your volunteer time can be directly with students or helping from home with planning, organizing, or clerical support.


  • A TB test is required before you can volunteer at the school.  These are available at your doctor or at many pharmacies. 
  • Sign up for volunteer opportunities at Registration or Back to School Night.  Contact PTA by visiting the Lunada Bay PTA website, 
  • Please contact PVPUSD regarding current California codes and regulations regarding school volunteers.  


  • Sign In:  Sign-in procedures must be followed consistently.  If you’ve forgotten to sign in, please do not be offended if you are stopped on campus and asked to report to the office for a badge.  This is for the safety of our students.
  • Be Flexible:  Please approach your role as a volunteer with a flexible attitude.
  • Be Dependable:  Please make your assigned work time a priority.  If you are unable to work as scheduled, arrange for another volunteer to take your place and notify the teacher.
  • Be Timely Please arrive on time at the designated time.  Schools run on schedules and instructional time needs to be maximized.  Arriving at the scheduled time respects the time of the teachers and the students.
  • Promote Good Discipline:  Promote positive behavior with meaningful and appropriate comments.   Volunteers should seek guidance and support or a teacher if negative disciplinary action is necessary.  Be firm, positive, and friendly.
  • Encourage Students Demonstrate sensitivity toward and appreciation for the uniqueness of each child and his/her level of development, emotions, and individual needs.
  • Maintain Confidentiality Volunteer observations or concerns regarding a particular student’s work, abilities, progress, or behavior should be shared only with the classroom teacher.  As a volunteer, you are entrusted with certain information and provided access to many things which require you to maintain confidentiality.
  • Focus on the Class:  As a classroom volunteer, your commitment is to the entire group of students.  This is not the time for an observation of your child or for a parent-teacher conference.
  • Be Respectful The teacher is the professional in the classroom and is ultimately responsible for the education of our children and the implementation of programs.  If you observe something that concerns you, or have an idea as to what may work better, please discuss directly with the teacher.
Please Observe the Following Classroom Rules:
  • Silence cell phones.
  • Do not enter room without teacher’s permission.
  • Teacher desks often contain private and confidential materials.  Consider it inappropriate to work at the teacher's desk.
  • Be aware of emergency procedures.
  • Respect the privacy of the Teachers’ Lounge.
  • Do not bring preschool children during a scheduled volunteer assignment.
  • A school health clerk is on duty in the office from 11:00 - 1:00 daily. 
  • The health clerk will provide limited treatment students who come to the health office.  This includes cleaning wounds with water and Bactine, applying ice, providing Band-Aids, and taking temperatures.
  • No medication may be dispensed by school employees without written consent from the student's physician. Physician consent must be renewed annually and must remain on file in the health clerk office.
  • Health clerk may administer medication provided by parents with physician approval.  Form must be completed and new medication provided by parent each year.
  • Notify parents of all head injuries.
  • Maintain health records, including required immunizations, and notify parents if proof of immunization is missing.
  • In conjunction with the PTA, the school office will hold on file, volunteer records received for TB testing. Parents and volunteers are independently responsible for maintaining TB test compliance.
  • The school will contact parents when students need to leave school due to illness or injury.
  • When the health clerk is not on duty, office personnel and staff will perform these duties.
  • Students must always be signed out by a parent or authorized adult before leaving campus.  


  • A mild headache or lingering cough, can be treated with acetaminophen (Tylenol), and a child can go to school provided that the child does not have a fever.
  • A stomachache does not justify a school absence unless accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, or fever.
  • An ear infection is not contagious and a student may be in school once antibiotic treatment has been started and pain has subsided.
  • Runny noses and residual coughs last a long time in small children but are not enough of a problem to remain out of school. Cough drops and cough medication cannot be sent to school with students.  Medication can only be dispensed with physician approval.
  • Chickenpox lasts 7-10 days and students may return as soon as lesions are crusted over.  A vaccine is available to prevent chickenpox.
  • Students with infectious conditions such as eye infections, Impetigo, and ringworm are infectious.  Students can return to school when treatment has been started or lesions are covered.
  • Head lice are a nuisance, but they are not dangerous.  Please keep children with viable nits home from school and seek immediate treatment.  Continue checking and combing for lice at least two weeks following treatment. 
  • A student who stays home with minor or non-existent symptoms should find home boring and not fun.  Impose rules that include no television, no DVDs/videos, no friends over, and no running around.
  • You know your child.  Use common sense when deciding when it is appropriate for your child to stay home.   



Use of District Provided Technology:

  • The Board of Education intends that technological resources provided by the district be used in a safe, responsible, and proper manner in support of the instructional program and for the advancement of student learning.
  • Before a student is authorized to use the district's technological resources, the student and his/her parent/guardian shall sign and return the Acceptable Use Agreement specifying user obligations and responsibilities. In that agreement, the student and his/her parent/guardian shall agree not to hold the district or any district staff responsible for the failure of any technology protection measures, violations of copyright restrictions, or user mistakes or negligence.
  • They shall also agree to indemnify and hold harmless the district and district personnel for any damages or costs incurred.  

Chromebook Rules:

  • Use your assigned Chromebook.
  • NEVER share your password.
  • Turn computers on and off correctly.  
  • Inform the teacher if there is a problem with the computer.
  • Log off when finished.
  • Do not change settings or arrangement of icons.
  • Respect others and the equipment.
  • Failure to treat technology with care and respect may result in loss of privilege to use. 


  • Telephones are available for student use when necessary.
  • This does not include play dates, forgotten homework, or musical instruments.
  • Student phone calls should be made from the office.  All health or injury related calls must be made from the health office.  
  • Students may not call from classrooms.
  • If no one answers, students are to leave a message explaining why they are calling.
  • Please do not call the office to deliver messages to your student unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • Please do not call directly into classrooms during school hours.  

Student Cell Phones:

  • Use of cell phones and smart watches for personal communication is prohibited during school hours, including recess and lunch. 
  • When permitted by the teacher, phones may be used for appropriate educational activities, including internet connectivity, response tools, e-Readers, and other applications. 
  • Phones should be safely secured out-of-sight during school hours. 
  • Lunada Bay and Palos Verdes Peninsula School District maintain no responsibility for personal cell phones carried by students on campus.