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Please visit the Lost & Found for missing personal items.  The lost and found container is located behind or on the side of the Main Office Building during school hours and is locked up upon dismissal.  
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Traffic Plan




“A Respectful, SAFE, and Kind Place to Learn!” 


Although we all love the neighborly, community feel of Lunada Bay, we are first and foremost a school responsible for the safe and orderly arrival and dismissal of our students.  Parents who do not abide by these procedures violate traffic laws and compromise the safety of our students.


Thank you for your continued commitment to keep Lunada Bay Elementary School, “A Respectful, SAFE and Kind Place to Learn!”




Traffic flows in a one-way pattern around the perimeter of the school.


The area in front of the Kindergarten classrooms on Paseo Lunado is designated by PV Estates as a Loading and Unloading Zone between 8:15 am and 3:30 pm.


NO LEFT TURNS into any parking lot entrance.


NO U-TURNS anywhere around the campus.


NO CELL PHONE USAGE without a hands free device. It is our goal to make Lunada Bay Elementary a “cell-free zone.”  Your cooperation is appreciated!




SPEED LIMIT is 15 mph at all times.





Supervision on the play yard will be provided beginning at 8:15 am daily.  Please do not arrive before this time.  Classrooms will not open until 8:45 am.


School begins at 8:45 am for all Kindergartners.  If you arrive late, you must go to the main office to check your child in.


All Kindergarten students enter the campus through the gate into the Kindergarten Yard on Paseo Lunado.


Children may be dropped off at the curb in the loading zone.  Parent volunteers - that means you! - will be there each morning to assist children out of the cars and safely into the play yard.


If you desire to walk your child onto the campus, please park in designated parking areas only and cross all streets safely with your child.





All Kindergarten students will be dismissed in front of the school, by the flagpole.


Please park in a designated area and meet your child in front of K1 and K2 or you may pull up in the loading zone.  We will assist students safely into waiting vehicles in the Loading Zone.


Once met by a parent or designated adult, students are under parent/designated adult -supervision and must leave campus immediately.


Kindergarten students are not allowed to remain on campus without a guardian to wait for an older sibling’s dismissal.


Click here to see the Lunada Bay Bell Schedule





Supervision on the play yard will be provided beginning at 8:15 am daily.  Please do not arrive before this time.


Children arriving before 8:15 am will be escorted to Kids’ Corner and parents are financially responsible for fees incurred. 


School begins at 8:30 am.  If you arrive after the tardy bell at 8:35 am you must go to the main office to check your child in.


Children are to be dropped off on the school side of street.


NO JAYWALKING!  Parents and children are to cross only at designated crosswalks.


Gates are drop-off and pick-up zones only.  No parking or leaving your vehicle.


When at drop-off zones, pull up as far forward as you can to allow more cars to fit in behind you.  Avoid blocking thru traffic.


Have children ready to leave the vehicle promptly with backpacks and lunchboxes ready to go.


Parking is available in the upper parking lot if needed or preferred.  Follow the one-way loop and turn right into the lot.





Parents who need to wait for the dismissal of an older child must move to the area in front of the MPR aside from the primary grades supervision area.


Parents are responsible for supervising their children in this waiting area. 


Children and parents are not allowed on the playground until after 3:00 pm.


All school safety and behavior rules are in continue to stay in effect when students are on campus:


  • NO running through or into the parking lot.
  • Stay out of the median in front of the parking lot.
  • NO climbing the trees or railings.
  • NO horseplay of any kind.
  • No dogs.  While we love dogs, they are not allowed on campus during school hours including drop-off and pick-up times. 
 Questions and Concerns:  Please contact the PTA Traffic Safety Committee:  Lunada Bay PTA

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