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Friday is MINIMUM DAY-TK is out at 11:40 and K-Grade 5 is out at noon!....2018-19 School Calendar has been posted...look under "Parents" - print your copy for next year! Kids' Corner Summer Camp Registration!....look under "Parents"......
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Weekly Reflections from Ms. Tarango!

Dear Lunada Bay Families,

Hello!  Did you enjoy your weekend?  I hope so!  It sure felt like summer.  I look forward to seeing many of you at Science Field Day!  I am so thankful for the support from our teacher lead to coordinate, Mrs. Goggin, our parent volunteers, and community members who will be helping facilitate a very fun day for our kids! 

Parents - we still need your help!  If you are able to join, do not miss the day.  It will be very fun!  A reminder that Friday is a minimum day and school is dismissed at 12:00 pm!


Reflections from My Office:

I was reminded of something I shared with families last year regarding summer vacation.  In several conversations I have had with parents recently, the topic of summer has come up often.  As parents and educators, we often struggle to find the fine line between embracing the beauty of free summer play while still supporting the academic development of each child.  Most children experience a degree of “summer slide” where they academically take their “foot off the gas pedal” being away from the structure of school and instruction every day.  A team of our expert educators came up with a “Top 10” list of tangible, fun ways you can continue to foster the growth your child has accomplished academically this year, while honoring the spirit of summer of letting kids play.                    

Top 10 Ways to Help Your Child Thrive Over the Summer!


  1. Read, read and read some more.  Read together page by page, read to each other, read to yourself.  Graph the number of pages but make it a daily practice.   Do a reading log, character drawings, make it fun! 
  2. Spend 20 minutes a day working on a project or a craft.
  3. Encourage board games that engage critical-thinking with siblings, friends or family members.
  4. Take frequent family outings to museums or parks to enrich their vocabulary and world knowledge.
  5. After watching a movie, ask your child to recall information:  What was the setting?  Describe the beginning, middle and end of the movie.  Describe character traits!  Rewrite a different ending to the movie!
  6. Keep a family journal to encourage writing.  Keep it interactive to model writing for you child.  Be a writer yourself!
  7. Play outside!  Engage your child’s imagination with trees, sticks, sea shells and “toys” from the natural setting. Take a night hike, wake up early to see the sunrise over the ocean!  Let kids play in the yard!
  8. Tell stories to each other.  While driving in a car, make up a story together about a character or something you pass every day in the car (like the tree in the park, or the lighthouse at Point Vicente). 
  9. Take advantage of our outstanding public library.  We are so fortunate to have a partner in education with our local library.  Visit the library and look up local activities!  Here is their website:
  10. Take a moment to look at this awesome resource for educators and parents.  It comes from the Florida Center for Reading Research.  This site posts research and evidence-based games and strategies that can be printed out and used at home over the summer.  Take a look at the “Student Center Activities” at the following link:


Friday, May 25:  Science Field Day (Minimum Day!)

Science Field Day is on Friday, May 25th (Minimum Day).  This is an amazing day of all things Science with many stations of science experiments, hands-on exploration, displays and animals, culminating in an All-School Science Assembly.  It’s really a Science field-trip-at-school!  But it only happens with parent help.  Please sign up to guide students through the exhibits, display a science station (exhibit), shop for supplies, set up or clean up.

Friday, June 1:  Come and Meet our New Lunada Bay Principal, Mr. Rafael Bernal

I am excited to invite all parents to a “Meet and Greet” coffee on Friday, June 1st following our flag ceremony at 9:00 am.  Mr. Bernal, the new principal of Lunada Bay, will be visiting school that day to meet our students, staff and parents!  Our PTA has graciously offered to host a “Meet and Greet” on the lawn in front of the MPR.  Mr. Bernal and I will be available to meet parents from 9:00 – 10:00 am.  Join me in giving Mr. Bernal a warm Lunada Bay welcome!   

Student Placement for Classes Next Year

Around this time of year, parents sometimes like to share with us information about their child that will help to inform our class placements for the upcoming year.  While we do not have a process for “teacher requests,” we are always happy to hear your input about your child.  Many factors are considered when creating balanced learning environments for every child. 

If you wish to share information about your child that will assist us in supporting his or her success next year, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or myself no later than Friday, May 25.  Again, please be mindful that this should not be used to make specific teacher requests. 

Got Used Markers? Color Cycle Them!

Fourth grader Sydney is a member of the Grades of Green Youth Corps Eco Leadership team and is collecting used markers for a project called ColorCycle - a program devised to turn used markers into energy! She will collect used markers and send them to a facility that will turn them into clean fuel that can be used to power vehicles, cook meals, heat homes, and more! This will also reduce the amount of plastic that will be put into our landfills. She is asking for your help. With the end of school coming up, please take some time to go through your markers at home or in your classroom. The used markers can be any brand and any type of marker. You can put the used markers in the collection box in front of the office.  Thanks in advance for participating and helping Sydney reach her goal of 500 markers! Don’t throw out a used marker, ColorCycle it!  

Pick up your child’s medication in the health office!   

Please remember to pick up your child’s medication if you have it stored in the health office.  This should happen before the last day of school. 

Monday, May 28:          NO SCHOOL - Memorial Day

Friday, June 1:             Flag Ceremony at 8:35 am

Thursday, June 7:        Last Day of School - MINIMUM DAY!

Have a good week, everyone!

Ms. Julie Tarango, M.Ed.

Principal, Lunada Bay Elementary

Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District

(310) 377 - 3005

twitter - @tarango_julie