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4th Grade Culmination is Thursday, Feb.22...Sorenson at 9:15 / Watson at 11:00.....New students enroll now for 2018-19 - Go to Tours for New Parents: Feb 21st at 11:00 and March 6th at 1:30.....Annual PTA Social is March 2!
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Weekly Reflections from Ms. Tarango!


Dear Lunada Bay Families,

Hello!  I hope you had a wonderful long weekend.  I am personally LOVING the colder weather!  It feels fresh and invigorating, and the ocean looks so lively with the white caps!

Reflections from my Office:

This past weekend, I spent some time visiting a friend of mine.  She is about to enroll her oldest child in kindergarten this fall.  She was full of questions, mostly about how she could get her son, Ollie, best prepared to enter school.  She happens to be a busy cardiologist and was eager to get the answers from her friend (me!) in the education field.  “Julie!  Help!  This parenting and school stuff is way out my realm of expertise.”  I told her I would swap advice stories, as I know a few tips from her down the line would come in handy. 

Her question was timely as I find February a time of the school year where we spend time thinking about how to prepare our kids for the next “step” whether it be entering kindergarten, transitioning to middle school, or making the most out of the remainder of the school year.  Often, parents and teachers meet to gauge student progress mid-year and how they can be prepared to help their students succeed at the next level.  Sometimes, as a team of adults, we miss sight of the most important ways we can help our kids.  We get consumed with concrete details, and forget the bigger picture. 

I tried to convey this to my friend.  I told her that she should not waste her time filling Ollie’s head with facts and academic content.  That is the job of the kindergarten teacher.  Instead, focus on helping develop essential learner behaviors.  This would include being independent to carry his own backpack, tying his shoe, and getting out of the car by himself.  Encourage him to understand that other voices matter as much as his own and waiting his turn is a part of learning.  Paying attention is a skill that learners need to use in order to absorb new information.  Trying to solve a problem independently first, before asking for help, can establish resiliency skills.  Looking out for classmates that need a friend, contributes to a positive classroom environment.  Cleaning up after yourself – on the playground, at the lunch table, at centers in the classroom – these are skills that separate “advanced” kids from the pack.  While these skills can’t be measured on a worksheet or a “Get Reading for Kindergarten” workbook, they are essential to every child’s learning experience.  I would say my friend met this news with some relief.  She realized her job as the parent to help prepare Ollie was about developing his character as a little human being.  She knew that she not only was already doing this for her child, but that this was her ongoing role as a parent.

Whether your child is headed off to 2nd grade, 6th grade or college, they will always need parents to act as their coach in a way that is not micromanaging.  Another principal recently shared an article with me.  I sent this to our staff, and hope that you find it insightful as I did.  I often hear parents share that their frustrations with helping students do their homework or complete projects at home.  One tip of advice form the article is this:  “Stop. Instead of thinking of yourself as your child's boss or manager, try consultant.”  Take a moment to read – you might find it helpful!





With the cooler weather, many students have brought and forgotten jackets, sweatshirts, etc.. Please stop by to look for items from your household.  Unclaimed items will be collected and donated to charity THIS FRIDAY FEBRUARY 23! 


4th Grade Fine Arts Culmination! 

Parents of 4th graders are invited to join us!  Ms. Sorenson’s class will perform at 9:15 am and Ms. Watson’s class will perform at 11:00 am.  


Lunada Bay Elementary PTA Online Auction is OPEN!!!

Please check out the fabulous items we have online...teacher hosted kid parties to sign up for, adult and family experiences to bid on, kid and adult parties, sports tickets and MUCH MORE!


Pre-bidding is now available for all items (except Live). Select items have a “buy it now” price if you want to bypass bidding and make sure you win. Lots of fun parties to sign-up for with limited spots available! Pre-bidding allows you to get a jump start on items available at the live event. Open items will transfer to the March 2nd party for bidding to continue until the cocktail hour is done. Payment will take place at the event or we will send invoices to those who can’t attend the event. 


Good luck and happy bidding!


LAST CALL to attend the Lunada Bay Parent Party. RSVP deadline THIS Wednesday, February 21!


Students during library classes this week will be bringing home entry forms to participate in the school bookmark contest.  Not only is it a fun project for the students, but we are teaming up to support our friends at The Peninsula Education Foundation (PEF).

We want to bring awareness to our families of the amazing programs that the Peninsula Education Foundation provides at our campus and at all other elementary schools in the district.  Did you know that 9 years ago every elementary school in our district lost their library aides (including Mrs. Pearce) through district budget cuts and libraries were forced to close? It was only when PEF stepped in to pay for Library Aide's salaries that libraries could re-open. It was truly a sad time for the district. Since then, PEF has kept our libraries alive, along with funding our PE teachers, music programs, and STEM.

Giving to our PTA is important for many of our other programs, but by also donating to PEF it touches the lives of every child in the district at every grade level. Please consider donating to PEF, even the smallest amount helps and shows we are committed as a community to keep our programs alive at Lunada Bay.

Bookmark winners for each grade will get their designs printed and distributed throughout our classrooms on Dr. Seuss Day!  To donate to PEF check out

INTERNATIONAL DAY, May 4th in the MPR – Get your booths ready!

Although it is in May, we'd like to extend this invitation out now, so you can start getting your booth ready.

This is a fun and educational event organized and hosted by LBE PARENTS each year at our school. Our children just LOVE this event and it is only made possible by YOU. It is not too late to get involved and host a country of your choice or help out at a booth.

International day helps break down barriers and understand other cultures. It is truly amazing to see how proud a student is representing their country with their parent, grandparents, or family members. There are many parents hosting a both on their own and would love a little help too, if you are not up for the task of hosting your own booth, even one hour of your time would be wonderful!

The event starts at 8:45 am, we break for lunch from 12:00 -1:00 pm, and will have a short afternoon from 1:00 - 2:30 pm.

Even if you cannot help, parents, family and friends are encouraged to stop by and visit the event. Please email us if you would like to join in the fun and help create something magical and educational for all our children. We are here to help and walk you through it.

Sharon Rizzi:  / 310-699-8430  (cell) 

Marianne Garcia Falmer:  /424-731-5952 (cell) 

March Events – Mark your Calendars!

March 1:  Dr. Seuss Day

March 2:  Parent Social

March 15-16:  Variety Show

Have a great week, everyone!


Ms. Julie Tarango, M.Ed.

Principal, Lunada Bay Elementary

Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District

(310) 377 - 3005

twitter - @tarango_julie