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Friday is MINIMUM DAY-TK is out at 11:40 and K-Grade 5 is out at noon!....2018-19 School Calendar has been posted...look under "Parents" - print your copy for next year! Kids' Corner Summer Camp Registration!....look under "Parents"......
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Ms. Tarango Letter

Sorry for the short notice! I would really appreciate if my kindergartners could have these done by Friday, so I can assemble the book. We will be presenting the book to Ms. Tarango at Monday's assembly.
Thank you!

Message from Mrs. Urias

Hello K1 families!
I hope you are all enjoying the rainy weekend!
The final trimester of kindergarten is underway. I am always amazed at the growth and achievements I am privileged to witness as a kindergarten teacher. This is truly a magical age; children are eager to learn and soak it all up.
Be proud of our class!!! Our dance teacher, Ms. D, complimented our class by saying we are a teacher's dream class. I have to agree!!!
Now is a great time to review the expectations for the final leg of the year. Ask your child to tell you what our class rules, line rules, and rug rules are. Go over your own family's expectations. Help them visualize themselves successfully finishing the year as scholars and as good citizens. Remember the power of yet! "I can't" is not language we use in K1. Help them reframe that statement to "I can't YET!!!" We began the year learning about the purpose of rules: to help us stay safe and to help us learn. I will be reviewing all this as well. It is powerful when the same language is used at home and in the classroom. 
Heart words check is scheduled for Friday. Help your child review their words so they can advance.
Making Words is an activity for students finished with the Heart Words. Attached is an information sheet explaining the activity. The list of words and letters will go home with your student on Monday or Tuesday, after I introduce the activity to the students in small groups. I am working on taking pictures of each step to better illustrate the activity.
I will be at the Variety Show with my children on Thursday. I am looking forward to some spectacular performances.
Diane Urias

Message from Mrs. Urias

Hello K1 Families!
I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend. My family is FINALLY over the flu. I hope we have served our time and the flu bug will not visit us again. 
The month of February has snuck up on me, and I forgot to go over the presentation for this month. Originally, they were due this week. However, I will push them back to next week since I goofed. (However, I know a few students are prepared to present this week and I will be glad to have them present.) The presentation this month is about a president you and your child choose to research.The speech can sound something like:
Hello, class! My name is _______. Today, I am going to talk about (president's name). One thing I learned about him is _______. Another thing I learned is _____. Lastly, I found out _________. (President's name) was an interesting president. Thank you for listening to my presentation. 
Again, this is merely a suggestion. I visual helps to cue your student and to keep the others engaged. You can email me with a digital picture. I hope you and your child have fun with this! The monthly presentations are my FAVORITE!!!
Next week is our Chapter 8 assessment. This is an important chapter because it covers so many skills that are foundational for the higher thinking math students will do in upper grades. We must have a solid number sense! Please make sure you are practicing counting to 100 by 1's, 5's and 10's.  This week students are practicing counting by 1's from different given numbers (ie: 52, 53, 54,... 100). I would also like students to leave kindergarten with the ability of counting by 2's to 20 (at least). Please use the extra practice worksheets under the Math in Focus tab on our webpage.
Report cards are going home in a couple of weeks. Thursday, March 8th has been designated a minimum day to allow for conferences. I will contact you individually if I feel we need to discuss your child's progress. However, if you would like to initiate a conference, please feel free to contact me. We can meet any day that is mutually convenient. 
Once again, thank you so much for the constant support. Our kids are so lucky to belong to a class with such caring and involved parents. I truly feel blessed by all of you!
Diane Urias

Friday, February 16th, will be our Crazy Socks day! K1 has worked so hard to reach a goal we set earlier in the new year. Their reward is a Crazy Sock Day. They will get to leave their shoes at the door and enjoy doing our normal K1 activities in their crazy socks. It will be a fun day, celebrating their accomplishment! 

Valentine's List

Attached to this post is our class Valentine's list. If you choose to make Valentine's Day cards with your child, please make sure every student gets one. We have 25 students, including your own child. 
Thank you!


Hello K1 Families!
Please see our updated newsletter. 
I wanted to share a few updates. I know many of you have had questions regarding I-Ready. Students have been taking the diagnostic exam. These test questions are challenging and will probably frustrate your child. This is the perfect opportunity to allow your child to practice everything we have been learning about growth mindset. I have been telling students to take a deep breath and to try their best. The questions adapt to their level. Much like the GRE, the questions get more challenging as they answer them correctly. Please do not help your child on I-Ready. 
As a class, we have moved onto the yellow heart words (third list). Please assist your child if they are on the lavendar word list. 
Students that have passed all four lists, please stay tuned for a Making Words activity that will be sent home next week!

January Presentations

Our January Oral Presentations are coming up next week!!! In the spirit of Valentine's Day just around the corner, our topic is Someone I Love. Each student should have a visual to share with the class as they share about the person they love with three reasons why. As always, I am looking forward to the presentations. Definitely a highlight of the month for me!

I hope you have a wonderful and restful winter break. I am so grateful for all of you and my kinder friends. This has been an incredible end to a great year. I am looking forward to creating more memories in 2018 with your little ones. Pajama day was so much fun! We missed Lulu and Ahmed!!!
Thank you for the very generous class gift. I am sure every teacher would agree that the best gift is your support and encouragement. You have all been extremely generous in your kindness. I have much to be grateful for. 
I am looking forward to spending time with my sister and her family in San Antonio, Texas. I am also looking forward to spending time with my three children. We have a winter bucket list to keep us very busy. I hope you all enjoy quality time with your loved ones.
See you all on January 2nd!!!
Diane Urias
Kindergarten Teacher
Lunada Bay Elementary School
Twitter: @dianeurias

Article regarding benefits of Bedtime Math app

Hello! I am really enjoying meeting with each of you and discussing your children's progress and growth. It's a great opportunity to get to know my kinders better and to support one another in their education.
I have mentioned a free app called Bedtime Math to several of you, and I wanted to make sure everyone has the opportunity to it check it out. Click here to read about the app and the benefits of talking about math as a family.
Thank you again for a great conference season!