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Giovanna Wynne - 1st Place in Literature Reflections Council Level Competition!

  Sometimes I feel sad mad or down.  Has that ever happened to you?  How do you help yourself? You STAND TALL.  Are you thinking it means trying to be tall by standing on your toes with high heels? It doesn’t mean that. It’s if someone is being mean to you you don’t push or yell. You don’t complain or whine. You say, “I am tall and brave.” You let go of your madness and feel brave. You feel confident and strong.  Then walk away.  Take a breath in and out.  Anger won’t help you STAND TALL.  Say these words to stand tall in that problem. Ready?

I’m mad and I won’t frown.

I have the power to make me proud.

I’m a gleaming rainbow of light.

I have courage from inside me.

A special star I am.

Well another way to stand tall is to stand up to a bully.  That means if someone bullies a person you show that bully he’s wrong.  Here’s a poem to say to bullies:

I am a mountain.

I am strong.

I can face the snow and show I am brave and confident.

I can beat anything. 

If you’re having a play date, you have to go, and you’re mad listen to this. Push that anger away and change that mad thought. These are things to say: “Next time it will be more fun.  I’ll make you a picture. That was great.”  Let you’re happiness break through your clouds and show your thoughts they are not boss.  Now poem time.

I am boss and my anger’s clouds.

I make sun shine my way and I succeed.

I focus on good.

I am happy now.

Then you grin.  Think happy!  That’s what this is about.  You will be happy if you try.  You’re a shining star that’s unique.  Be proud of you.  Right now say to yourself I’m proud of myself.  Be me. Be happy. You shine and dazzle when you’re happy.  When you’re sad you let your sadness go and feel bright. 

I love feeling happy. It’s a great feeling.  It shines in your heart and puts a smile on your face.  It spreads joy with laughter.