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Weekly Reflections from Ms. Tarango!

Dear Lunada Bay Families, 

Hello!  Family Fun Night on Friday was so lovely.  I enjoyed seeing the lawn full of Lunada Bay families, kids playing together and a beautiful sunset.  This night captures the magic of our school.  I loved seeing the look on the kids’ faces when some of our new teachers, Ms Mac and Mrs. Watson showed up.  Mrs. Castillo was also greeted by packs of kids who were delighted to see their former or current teacher.  The kids treat our teachers like celebrities!  What a great evening to see everyone gathered together as one big family.

As with any family event, I also want to remind parents to supervise their children during fun after-school events like Family Fun Night.  Kids get so excited to be on campus at night and require the same level of supervision as they would for any other activity.  Parents need to assume this responsibility for their own children during these times.  Also, please remember that students must be accompanied by a parent to attend after-school events.  Supervising your children will help to ensure that these treasured events can continue to happen safely year after year!   

Reflections from the Classroom

It has been exciting to step into our classrooms to see instructional routines and procedures taking shape.  In a few short weeks, students quickly learn these practices in their new classroom.  The teachers are taking time to talk with students about the power of their words on their ability to learn.  I have heard the teachers talk with students about how what we say with our words has meaning behind it.  Essentially, what we say to each other matters – a lot. Sometimes children need reminders that their words carry weight to others.  They may say things to be funny or not understand the significance of what they say to each other.  It is important to take the time and discuss this with our kids.  Other times, children can be such good stewards of the power of an apology.  They are able to forgive and express kindness in such sweet and tender ways.

Words also have an impact on how kids learn.  For instance, you will hear our students tell you that we take the word “yet” pretty seriously when we describe how we have learned something.  In the 1st grade classroom, students are taught to know that when they do not “know” something, it just means they haven’t it learned it yet!  The power of “yet” is pretty incredible in how it can help students persevere through challenging content.  A 3rd grade girl explained to me today how she uses the word “yet.”  She said, “Well, my teacher told me that I can learn and do anything!  I remember last year when my 2nd grade teacher told me the same thing.  So, when I get stuck on something, I just tell myself that I can keep going because I’m not finished learning it yet.”  When I asked her if that helps her, she said, “All the time!  I even thought about it during girl scouts!  And soccer!  Cause it helps me not feel sad or bad about myself when other kids are doing things I think I can’t do but really it just means that I have not learned it yet!” 

What a lesson for us adults!  Life is all about continuous learning.  As our dear 3rd grader pointed out, it’s important to persevere when faced with a challenge because your struggle might just mean you haven’t learned the lesson yet.     

Lots of people are talking and singing about the power of YET!  Take a moment to watch this fun video from Sesame Street with your child (adults can benefit from it too!).


Traffic Reminders:

Please refer to our website for traffic flow guidelines!

Reflections Contest Has Begun!  A Chance for your child to express their creativity!

This is a great opportunity for your child to participate in PTA’s Reflection Contest.  Please see the information below:

Being Excused from PE

If your child needs to be excused from PE, please provide the school with a note from your medical provider.  This also means they will be required to engage in an alternative activity for morning recess and lunch in the reading garden or in the office.  Students must have a note to be excused from PE.  Be sure your child is dressed appropriately with closed toed shoes for PE days on Wednesdays and Fridays.   

Girl Scouts Need Your Help!

Halloween is often a child's favorite time of year. However, there are families who cannot afford to buy Halloween costumes for their children right here in the South Bay. We're collecting any Halloween items not only for young children, but also for teens. Face paint, crazy socks, hats, and wigs - any fun items to bring some joy in the lives of these children. There will be a collection box outside of the main office on our campus. 


The Girl Scouts is not related to, sponsored by, or endorsed by the Palos Verdes Peninsula School District.

Reminders to Parents Regarding Student Behavior After School

Please remember to supervise your children after school, even if you are on campus.  Younger students dismissed before older siblings should still follow school rules, even with parents present.  Students in grades 3 - 5 are still in school until 3:00 pm and all efforts should be made to keep noises and distractions to a minimum.  This means that students should be picked up or supervised by a parent or adult from 2:36 until 3:00 pm.  If children are unsupervised by parents, they will be asked to wait in the office until 3:00 pm.

For kindergarten and TK students, please promptly pick up your students on time and move to the front of the MPR (not the office or K classrooms) if you plan to stay after pickup.

Have a great week, everyone!

Ms. Julie Tarango, M.Ed.

Principal, Lunada Bay Elementary

Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District

(310) 377 - 3005

twitter - @tarango_julie