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Please visit the Lost & Found for missing personal items.  The lost and found container is located behind or on the side of the Main Office Building during school hours and is locked up upon dismissal.  
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Welcome to Mrs. Curry's First Grade Class!



Recent Posts

Doantions Needed :)

1. Valentines’s day is coming up and the kids use conversation hearts for a math and science activity. Please email me if you are willing to donate 24 small boxes of conversation hearts to our class by 2/14. Sometimes the Dollar Tree sells four boxes for a $1.
2. We also need 24 chocolate chip granola bars for the field trip. Please email me if you are willing to donate these by 2/4. Thank you!

Thank you!

A big thank you to the first and fifth grade families for the teacher luncheon today! The flowers were beautiful, lunch delicious, and the hand made cards of appreciation just made my week. Wow do I feel so lucky to be a teacher at Lunada Bay. :) 


The following names were pulled to be chaperones for the field trip on 2/8:
Melissa, Fran, Anto, Leah, Jennifer, Carly, Jessica, and Stacey.
Reminder: Homework will resume on Monday, Jan. 14th!

Math, Field Trip Chaperones, Valentines

1. A chapter 9 math review/test came home today. Please have your child complete and return this by Monday, Jan.14th. Have them correct any incorrect answers. This will better prepare them for their test next week.
2. Please email me by tomorrow morning if you would like your name entered into the drawing to be a chaperone on the field trip on 2/8.
3. Valentines: We have 24 students in our class (if you include your child). Only write your child's name on the From portion. DO NOT write who the Valentine is going to. Leave the To portion blank. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Field Trip!

   Welcome back! I hope you had a nice break with your family. On Feb. 8th we will be going on a field trip to the CA Science Center! Permission slips went home Monday. They must be returned by Friday, Jan.11th. Please email me if you would like to be a chaperone on the filed trip. Your name will be entered into a raffle and will let you know the names I randomly pull. You will need to be at school by 8:00 and we should be back by 2:30, but sometimes we get back later, so keep this in mind when volunteering. :) Also, please email me if you are willing to donate 24 chocolate chip granola bars for the field trip. I'm looking forward to a great year!

Thank You!

I just wanted to say thank you for the class gift! I will be doing lots of shopping over the break. ;) A big thank you to all the parents and room parents who helped organize and volunteer for the party yesterday. The kids had so much fun! Have a wonderful winter break. I will see you next year!

December Happenings

   It was so nice meeting with all of you at our conferences! You should be proud of your child's progress this year. Thank you to those of you who donated books to our class from the Book Fair. The kids were so excited to get these new books for our classroom library. Practice math problems will be coming home, so please have your child complete all the math problems and turn it in by 12/21. Just a few reminders below.
1. Wednesday, the 19th is the Winter Sing at 9 in the MPR. First grade will go right after kindergarten.
2. Friday, the 21st we get out at 12. Have your child wear their favorite pajamas on the 21st, but please bring comfortable shoes for P.E.
3. No homework December 24-28 and January 7-11. Homework will resume on January 14th. I do encourage you to have your child keep reading during these weeks and over winter break. Don't forget about having your child go onto Raz kids as well. Please email me if you feel your child's level on Raz Kids is too hard or too easy.
4. Flat Stanley due January 7th when we come back!
Have a wonderful winter break with your family. I can't wait to see you when we get back. :) 

Empty Paper Towel Rolls

If you have not already, please bring in an empty paper towel roll ASAP. Thank you to those of you who brought in extra rolls. These are appreciated. :) 

November Reminders

Hi Parents!

I can't believe the first trimester is coming to an end! I have been assessing your children this week and I am pleased with the progress I am seeing so far! I am eager to share their progress and goals I have for them at conference time:).
1. Red assessment folders went home yesterday. Please look them over and help your child with any problems they missed. Return the tests in the folder as soon as possible. Don't forget to sign the paper in the left pocket so I know you saw the tests.

2. Conference sign up reminders will be emailed to you if they haven't been already. Please email me directly if you need to make any changes.
3. Raz Kids info is coming home today. Many of you have already received the username and password info. This info. was sent home last week, but email me if you have any questions. This is a reading program that we have been using in class. The students can read, listen, and answer questions to stories that are at their level:). Sometimes it is hard to find books your child can read on their own, but now there is! I'm giving this to you over the break so you and your child can explore together. Have your child show you what he/she does. They should know by now;). I am also including some tips for you so you understand what your child should be doing. The next homework assignments will include Raz-kids as part of their reading logfor homework. Please note that kids should read AND answer questions. If the story is nonfiction, please have your child read and listen before answering questions.  
4. Box Tops: Paper is coming home today. Please have your child collect 20 Box Tops and turn them into our class. This is a great way to earn money for our school! Each Box Top is worth 10 cents and adds up quickly!

5. We are starting a new unit in Social Studies on maps. I have been reading Flat Stanley to the students about a boy who became flat after a bulletin board fell on him. He had many adventures because of his unique shape;).

Your children brought home their own Flat Stanley last Friday! Please have your child color and cut Flat Stanley. Be creative! Add glitter, fabric, yarn, wiggle eyes, foil…etc. Then send Stanley on a trip to visit a friend or family member. Send them the completed letter (on blue paper) and mail both the blue letter and Stanley. Encourage your friend or family member to take pictures and mail Stanley back with souvenirs! Please see the information in your child's folder for more details.

** You may wish to send it to someone you see at Thanksgiving. Think of someone and ask them ahead of time if they wouldn't mind taking Stanley around town and take some pictures. Students love bringing them back in January to share the adventures! Have fun!

**Due date is January 7, 2019
If I don't see you, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and I'll see you when we get back!

November Happenings

Hello Families!
   I hope you had a fun Halloween! My daughter, Kayla, was a unicorn for her first Halloween this year. Please read the reminders below.
1. Flat Stanley is coming home! Please read the directions and get started on this project. There will be more information in next weeks homework as well.
2. Helmets for Heroes ( Please donate money to help veterans undergoing medical treatment for service-related injuries. Bring money to the classroom by Tuesday, November 13th!
3. Homework folders: Please remove all papers from your child's each day. Any papers that are blank need to be completed and returned at your convenience. Please review any incorrect answers with your child, but do not return.
Have a wonderful three day weekend. :) 

Math Chapter Review

I will be sending home a math chapter review packet before each math test. This is an optional assignment that can provide your child with additional practice. This can be turned in anytime for extra credit. :) 

Reminders and Donations 10.8-12

Hello parents!
  All of your kids did a wonderful job singing the LB song in front of the entire school today. :) A few reminders are below as well as some donation requests.
1. Donations needed: tissues, gallon and quart size zip lock bags, 1 box Boo Berries cereal, large bottle of hand sanitizer, and whiteboard erasers.
Please email me if you are willing to donate any of these supplies. Thank you so much!
2. Fun Run is on Friday the 12th. Please turn in the yellow Fun Run cards that went home on Thursday.
3. Scholastic book orders for October are due by Monday, the 8th. :) Thank you to those of you who have ordered this month. We are close to getting one free book for each student in our class!
I hope you had a great weekend!

Friday, October 5th

First grade will be singing the school song this Friday morning at the flag ceremony sometime between 8:30 and 9. You are welcome to stay and watch. :)