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Please visit the Lost & Found for missing personal items.  The lost and found container is located behind or on the side of the Main Office Building during school hours and is locked up upon dismissal.  All unclaimed items will be donated on December 14.  Halloween is coming.  Please look out for an email regarding the parade.
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Student Leadership Team



Are you interested in joining an exciting new team at Lunada Bay?



Are you interested in joining an exciting team at Lunada Bay?  Student Leadership team is about to begin!  As a student Leadership Team Representative you are expected to increase student involvement in school-wide activities and decision making during the school year for the benefit of the teachers, staff, students and community.  Members of the team will help with school spirit activities, promote involvement in community service projects, and assist with other projects.  Students will be required to attend meetings that are held on Wednesday mornings at 7:45 am in Room 7.



In the spirit of leadership, the team will decide events that encourage school-spirit and community service.  This could include but is not limited to:

  • Planning and promoting spirit days (crazy hair day, etc…).
  • Planning and organizing community service events.
  • Helping at Flag Ceremonies and with student announcements on the loud speaker.



A student who would like to be on the Student Leadership Team must demonstrate:

  • Leadership ability (participate in class, communicate effectively, and be creative).
  • The ability to demonstrate the character traits from the Pyramid of Success.
  • Good citizenship and have positive relationships with others.
  • A strong work ethic, completes classroom and homework assignments.
  • Excellent attendance (on time with limited absences, tardies and early check outs).


Students must complete the application and have a parents sign the permission slip.  They must also get ONE recommendation form signed and completed by a staff member by the due date and time. 


THIS IS DUE ON FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13 AT 8:30 AM.  Applications must be complete with all forms and turned into the OFFICE.



  • A team of teachers consisting of Mrs. Castillo, Mrs. Dair, Mrs. Macdonald and Ms. Tarango will facilitate the Lunada Bay Leadership Team.
  •  Fundraising will NOT be the primary focus of the Student Leadership Team.
  •  There will not be voted-in officers or school speeches.  The Leadership Team will consist of (2) representatives from each classroom in grades 2 – 5.
  • Interested students will complete the application (See attached), complete the parent permission form, and have (1) staff member fill out the staff member recommendation form. 
THIS IS DUE ON FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13 AT 8:30 AM.  Applications must be complete with all forms and turned into the OFFICE.


Interested students must prepare a short speech to give to their class on Tuesday, October 17.

  • (Speech should only be 1-2 minutes)
  • Posters or props are not permitted.
During the school day, each classroom will select their (2) representatives in Grades 2 - 5. 


At the end of the day on Tuesday, October 17, Ms. Tarango will announce the Luanda Bay Student Leadership Team over the loudspeaker. 


The first meeting will be on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 24 in Room 7 at 7:45 am.