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Please stop by the LBE Front Office to pick up a yearbook from last year!  They are free for all students enrolled at Lunada Bay last year.
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STEM Lab Wish List

STEM Lab consumable supplies for extracurricular projects
  • Copper tape (1/4 inch)
  • LED diode lights (1 for every student -quantity 400
  • Coin batteries (1 for every student -quantity 400) 
  • Graphite pencils grade B (quantity 35)
  • Conductive ink pens
  • Conductive fabric/tape
  • Clothes pin (quantity 100)
  • Electrical tape (black)
  • Masking tape (1 inch)
  • White board cleaner
  • Empty tissue, soda, shoes, cereal boxes
  • Empty toilet rolls/empty paper towel rolls
  • Bulk tissue paper
  • Netting/mesh/tule
  • String/yarn
STEM Lab reusable items
  • Child safe scissors (quantity 35)
  • Arduino for beginners book by makerspace
  • littleBit arduino bit (quantity 9)
  • littleBit control hub but (quantity 9)
  • Vinyl decal cutter (Silhouette Cameo brand)
  • Laser cutter/engraver (Glowforge brand)