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Friday is MINIMUM DAY-TK is out at 11:40 and K-Grade 5 is out at noon!....2018-19 School Calendar has been posted...look under "Parents" - print your copy for next year! Kids' Corner Summer Camp Registration!....look under "Parents"......
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Colleen Watson » Welcome!


Welcome to 1st grade!! I'm looking forward to a great year!! 


Recent Posts

There are only 12 days left of school!!  Homework  is now finished!  We will now be doing a "spelling bee"!  Please see your child's homework folder or the "spelling bee" file on the right for more information. The kids will be studying a list of 20 words and taking a spelling test the next day. There are 6 tests.  Our first test was today.  The kids are excited about it!
Thanks to Carmela for bringing in some tissues, if anyone can donate a few more boxes, that would be great!  We still have lots of sniffly kids!

Thank you parents for all the appreciation this week!!  From the breakfast to the coffee, chocolates, flowers, lunch and the sweet cards from your kids... it all meant so much to me!! I am so grateful for all of your support and your wonderful children!! 

Reminders for this week!

Don't forget Spring Sing on Wednesday at 9:20!! Students need to bring 1 pair of socks for one of their songs.  They do not have to match.  There is also no specific attire for the performance- just something nice if you want!

Hi Parents, Thanks so much for all the prize bin donations!! The class and I appreciate it! I have one more favor... if anyone can donate some tissue to get us through the end of the year that would be great!!
Have a nice weekend!!

This week's homework...

Hi Parents,
This week's homework is research based.  Your child will be choosing an animal to do a research report on.   The animal must be from one of the habitats we've learned about, rainforest, desert, ocean, or polar.  (I've also asked Mrs. Pearce to set aside some animal books for the kids to check out during library time on Tuesday).  Your child will be brainstorming and taking notes this week.  Please have your child return the homework on Friday.  We will check it in and send it right back so your child can start on part two (in next week's packet.).
I made a mistake and posted last year's letter, there is no field trip on the 28th. The bubble map is due Friday the 20th, returned on Monday the 23rd. The writing template (Next week's homework)  will be due Friday the 27th.
Also, as the weather gets warmer, I want to make sure your child is drinking enough water.  Please send your child to school with a water bottle every day, especially on PE days (W and F).  The PE teachers encourage the kids to bring their water bottles with them to PE.  It is also a good idea to label the water bottles;).  
Thank you and have a nice week!


Treasure Box Prizes

Hi Parents,
We don't have anyone signed up to bring in treasure box prizes for the month of April.  Can you donate?  It really helps to have new treasures to buy with their tickets!  Dollar Tree is a great place to buy cheap toys.  If you could help us by buying 24 different small items, we would much appreciate it.
Thank you!!

Homework and Reminders

Hi Parents,
It's been a busy month so far!  Please look over the homework carefully this week as there are many reminders. 
Also, don't forget to make a visit to the Ceramics Art Show on Thursday (3/29) morning from 8-8:30 in room 15 (science lab).
Have a great weekend!


Teacher Movie Day! Monday, March 19 1:30-3:00

Hi Parents, Just another reminder about the movie with teachers fundraiser.  It will be Monday, March 19 from 1:30-3PM sharp!  Bring $30 check fro LBPTA if you haven't already.
Kids may bring:
 * Sleeping bags ( we will be in the MPR, so bring this or a blanket to sit on)
* pillow (optional)
* stuffed animal (optional)
* slippers (optional)
 I will get a list from PTA if you already paid.  I'm looking forward to Monday!! :)

Teacher Movie Day!!

Hi Parents,
Those of you who attended the parent social know that you had the opportunity to bid on "Watch a movie with first grade teachers". This is a chance for us 1st grade teachers to help in the fundraising effort for our school AND we get to spend a little extra time with your child.  You still have the opportunity to do this.:)  It will be after school next Monday, March 19th in the MPR from 1:30-3pm.  If you are interested in having your child attend, please send a check (made out to Lunada Bay PTA) for $30 to school ASAP.  I am looking forward to spending the afternoon with your children;).
Thank you for supporting Lunada Bay!

Report Cards

Hi Parents, report cards are coming home today.  Please sign and return the envelope.  I also forgot that today, Wednesday was family fun night, so you may complete the Poem next week if you choose!
Mrs. Watson

This week's homework

Don't forget, class and spring pictures are tomorrow.  Don't forget to wear something nice!
Please note that this week your child will be writing sentences from 2nd trimester word wall words.  Please see the right side of this page for the link to these words.  
Also note that the students will be making leprechaun traps with partners in class.  Please see the green note that went home on Friday and this week's homework about what supplies to bring.
Have a great week!!

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Hi Parents,
Next Thursday, March 8th, we will have a minimum day (dismissal at 12 pm).  The afternoon is reserved for conferences, if needed.  If you did not receive word from me about a conference time, then I have not scheduled one for your child.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me. 
Thank you!

Assessment folders

Assessment folders are being sent home today.  Please review any problems missed on the tests with your child and return the signed folders and tests. 
Thanks so much for your support!!

February reminders:

Hi Parents, Yesterday was a fun day celebrating the 100th day!  The 100 year old kids were super cute! 
The blue assessment folder is coming home today.  Please record,sign and send back the folder and tests right away.
*Valentine’s: We will be exchanging Valentine's on the 14th. Bring them on the 14th and please don't bring them early. Only write your child's name on the “from” section. Do not write other student's names on the “to” section. It will take too long to hand out each personalized valentine, so please leave it blank. We have 20 students in our class. You are welcome to bring any packaged treat or toy you like. :) No nuts please as we have nut allergies in the class.
Thanks so much!